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Towa Institute of Intellectual Property


2008 Conferences

We introduce the speeches on conferences to which the member of TIP is related.

  • Dec.08.2008 ”Visiting program”
    Interchange Association Japan (IAJ)
Professor :
Kimiaki Suzuki (MIP)
Toshiaki Shimizu
“Double Transfer of Copyrights and the Registration System in Japan – the Case of Fraud by Tetsuya Komuro”
Masaya Tatebayashi
“Proposal for the Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act in Japan”
Asami Shioya
“A Consideration on Requirements of Confidentiality Management for Protection of Trade Secrets”
Hitoshi Takeuchi
“Inventive Steps in Chemistry and Biotechnology”
Tomofumi Satoh
“Consideration on Issues Involved in the Process of Technology Standardization Activities”
Junichi Fukayama
“Learning about Human Resources Strategies from Samsung Electronics”
Tomoko Koike
“Stimulation of Regional Economies by utilizing Class-B Gourmet – A Case of ‘Fujinomiya Fried Noodles’ and ‘Atsugi Shirokoro Hormone”
Yuta Oshiro
“Present Situations of Cooperation among Businesses, Universities and Government in Japan and Some Cases in Foreign Countries”

—in Tokyo Japan

Kazufumi YASUDA
“The latest trend of copyright infringement referring to ‘Youtube’ in Japan”
Toshiaki Simizu
“Legal frame of double transfer about copyrights in Civil Law”

—in Taiwan

  • 28-29.Jun.2008
    “Empirical study on stock reaction to events related to merger and acquisition with brands”
    Intellectual Property Association Japan (IPAJ)

  • Jun.28-29.2008
    “Empirical study on stock reaction to events related to pharmaceutical technology”
    Intellectual Property Association Japan (IPAJ)

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