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Profile of Patent Attorney

Satoru Hirano


  • No.14597

Director at Towa Institute of Strategic Management

The main technical areas

○Applied Physics, Engineering, Electronics,
○Technology Evaluation, Marketing, Licensing


○1982: Graduated from the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science.

○1982-1995: Worked for Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in Space System Section as a system engineer, quality assurance engineer and product / project manager.

○1995 to 2005: Worked as a development project manager to assist marketing in pharmaceutic industry, start-up companies and software self-development.

○2006: Registered as a patent attorney and joined a patent firm.

○2010 to 2015: Worked as a technology licensing officer at Tokyo University of Science.

○2010 to 2022: Worked as an University Research Administrator at Tokyo University of Science and Tokyo Denki University