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Profile of Vice President

Suzuki Kimiaki


  • Director at Towa Institute of Intellectual Property
  • Professor at the Tokyo University of Science


  • No.15590
The main technical areas

○Liquid Crystal Devise
○House Equipment
○Construction/Building Material


○1990: Graduated from the Agriculture Engineering Department, The University of Tokyo.

○1990-1992: Worked for Intellectual Property and Legal Department of Canon inc..

○1992-2005: Entered the Japan Patent Office and worked as a Patent Examiner in the field of architecture and as a design examiner in the field of consumer machinery and industrial machinery. Also Engaged in revising Japanese Industrial Property System in the Management Division in 1997.

○2005-2013: Associate Professor of Graduate School of Tokyo University of Science.

○2006-: Commission meeting, anti-amphibious goods from unfair competition law.

○2007: Registered as a patent attorney.

○2013-: Professor of Tokyo University of Science.