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Tsuno Takashi


  • No.11137

Former Member of AIPPI
Former Member of APAA
Chairman of Towa Institute of Intellectual Property

The main technical areas

○Medical Machinery
○Textile Machine
○Metal Processing


○1976: Graduated from Advanced Textile Engineering Department, Fukui University.

○1977: Entered the Japan Patent Office and worked as a Patent Examiner in the various technical fields, i.e., medical machinery, textile machine, semiconductor, metal processing for more than 20 years.

○1998: Registered as a Patent Attorney.

○2016: Established “TOWA NAGISA INTERNATIONAL PATENT FIRM” with Hiroyuki Okada.

His literary works include

○Expectations and Concerns about Chinese Market
○Corporate Revitalization and Intellectual Properties
○Corporate Integration and Intellectual Properties
○Integrated Intellectual Property Management
○Pursuing Creation of Intellectual Properties
○Technical Report on the Textile Industry